Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Reading Week 3...

Ships and Pirates...

What we're reading this week:

Come away from the water, Shirley, by John Burningham
A Pirate's Life for Me! by Jilie Thompson and Brownie Macintosh Illustrated by Patrick O'Brien
Pirates Robbers of the High Seas, by Gail Gibbons
1001 Pirate Things to Spot (Usborne book)
Everything I Know About Pirates, by Tom Lightenheld
The Barefoot Book of Pirates, retold by Richard Walker Illustrated by Olwyn Whelan
Roger the Jolly Pirate, by Brett Helquist
Tough Boris, by Mem Fox Illustrated by Kathryn Brown
The Hairiest Pirate Who Ever Lived Backbeard and the Birthday Suit, by Matthew McElligott
How I Became a Pirate, by Melinda Long and David Shannon
Pirates Don't Change Diapers, by Melinda Long and David Shannon
What's Inside? A Pirate Ship (author unknown)
100 Things you should know about Pirates, Barnes and Nobles book

My 7 year old will be reading: Pirates! Raiders of the High Seas by Christopher Maynard

Activities for the week:

There won't be many crafts this week, but we will be making our own treasure maps, going on a treasure hunt and "playing" pirates.  (It's fun to talk like a pirate!)  We'll also be making our own pirate ships... something like this:

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy reading!!

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