Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Peek at the Girls' Room...

I know these photos are of the same thing over and over again, but I can NOT contain my excitement over this quilt!  It was a labor of love, and tears.  Yes, tears... it is the first quilt that I really attempted to accomplish on my own as a project to pass off on my Personal Progress.  (click the link to learn more on Personal Progress if you're not familiar with the program)  Lets just say, in an attempt to save some money and with the combination of my rookie ways, this quilt literally put me to tears.  Haha! But, I'm over it now.  After finishing all that I felt I could, (I had gotten as far cutting each piece and sewing each individual row) I passed it on to my sister to finish it up for me.  She sewed all the rows together for me, quilted it herself and did all the binding for me.  She is AMAZING.  Words just don't express how grateful I am for her, and her willingness to help me out as much as she did! Basically, this quilt exists today because of her.  The only true claim I can take from this bedding are the pillows.  Thank you my sweet Ginger!!
My girl is as in awe as I am of her Aunt's talent.  She is as obsessed over her new quilt as I am too.  And would you believe it, she actually gets excited to make her bed in the morning now!  haha!  (We'll see how long that lasts though)  ;)

I'm not quite sure if the pattern for this quilt is being sold anymore or not, when I went back to the link, there was nothing listed.  However here is the link where I found this pattern to begin with, perhaps it is available, and my internet is just being weird.

 I had a bunch of left over fabric, and I made sure none went to waste... There are pieces of this fabric throughout the room, and I put a little peek of that for you in this post.  I'll be sure to share the rest with you once I get around to sharing the full reveal of the room.  :)  It's almost done, I promise!!  :)  Until then, thanks for stopping by!