Monday, February 24, 2014

Sneak Peak of the Girls Bedroom Makeover...

     So this is more of a BIG peak at the girls bedroom makeover; since the fabric is pretty much what MAKES the room in my opinion.  :)  But I am soooo excited about all the bright fun colors going on here!!  And that "something blue" that the fabric is sitting on, yeah I'm pretty excited about that piece too.  ;)  And sorry about the iPhone pic, I truly don't believe it does these fabrics justice.  
   We started and FINISHED painting our boy's room in less then a day!!  The girls room won't be painted until we get another free Saturday... my calendar sure does book out quickly.  :/  But that's ok, lots to do, lots to do.  At the moment, I'm dedicating my spare time to "getting my quilt on!"  :)  Thanks for checking in... more to come!  {eventually}  ;)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Perfectly Pink Big Girl Room...

This room is the smallest in the house, but it doesn't lack in storage space, that's for sure.  Because the room is so small, we opted to have some custom built-ins when we built our home a little over 4 years ago.      And also, due to the small size of the room, and not having a very short lens, this was such a challenge to photograph!!  But hopefully you get the overall feel of this little space.  It has been a favorite spot for my little girl, (and myself) but she is excited for the upcoming changes for her new shared room with her baby sister.  We shall see how long her excitement lasts once said sister arrives.  LOL.   Anyway, here is her first big girl room...
 I didn't realize how much stuff in this room was hand crafted by myself and SIL until I started taking these photos... the bedspread and pillows were some of my very first sewing experiments!
 If you haven't guessed by now, we are big time lovers of books around here.  My little B loves to stay up at night and read to her hearts content.  I know she doesn't stay up too late, so I'm not complaining.

 My SIL Cat, from Catherina's Creative Corner hand painted that beautiful letter B for me!  I fell in love with the one she painted for her little girl, and she was so kind to make one for my sweet {B} too.  Thanks Cat!!

 Many of the little nicknacks have been collected over the years from my daughter's birthday's... like that little tinkerbell, and the little jars of pixie/fairy dust came from my daughter's 3rd birthday (Fairy themed of course)
 Jars of pearls and star fish wand came from her mermaid themed party.  Reuse, recycle!!  :)
 The mirror was first my sisters, then passed down to me, and somehow I got lucky enough to take it with me after moving out.
 The framed castle and Cinderella coach are stickers!!  My sister and I couldn't pass them up, so we decided to frame them for our girls' rooms.

 I only most recently hung up this photo collage of my {B}... I'm so sad I already have to take them down!  I mounted the large photos on foam board myself, you can view that tutorial over on my photography blog HERE.

I added the little beads to the lamp shade, because there wasn't enough girly bling in the room as it was.  ;)
It was seriously impossible to get a full shot of the built-ins with such limited space, but hopefully you get an idea of them anyhow.
  The window seat between the drawers opens up too, I guess sort of like a trunk, great for keeping some extra blankets that we take out and use during the colder months.

 The butterfly garlands hanging in her window are from her Butterfly party.  :)

And that pretty much sums it up!  My goodness, who knew I could cram so much into one tiny space!  ;)  But, this room is going under a COMPLETE overhaul this weekend... Goodbye pink!  You'll be missed... sort of.  ;)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Woodland Animals Nursery...

These photos are well over a year old now, but I decorated this room before I ever had this blog... I thought I'd share them with you now because it won't be much longer until this room gets a complete overhaul!  There won't be a speck of 'boy' left in this room when I'm done with it, as it will be shared by two sisters!!  We're working on some serious rearranging with the new little babe coming.
As excited as I am for the transformation this room will be undergoing, I am also saddened to see this room change, after what seems not very long ago that it was first completed.  A lot of love went into decorating this nursery, not just by myself but with the help of many of my sisters and hubby too!  I will be keeping all that I can to move over into my boy's new room, so I'll still get to enjoy all the little details a while longer; but somehow it's still a reminder that my kids are growing up, and I'm not so sure I like that idea all too much.  :/

That awesome owl lamp and stand that it's perched on was a gift from one of my sister in laws.  He's such a handsome thing!  I believe she said she found him at Gordmans?  I could be wrong on that... but I know she created the little nest he's sitting in herself.  :)  She also gave me the matching table mat you see on the dresser.  The little owl beanie is something I purchased for my boy's newborn photoshoot from THIS etsy shop, and of course had to display it in the room.  He grew out of that thing so fast!  :(
The sweet owl plaques were patterned after the owls from the baby quilt (very bottom photo)  They are just some mdf that Mr. B cut out for me, and routered the edges and spray painted in heirloom white. I then cut out the owls using scrapbook paper and simply mod podged them onto the plaques.  The floating shelves were also made by Mr. B.  (but of course) :)
I started making these little felt animals but didn't get around to finishing them before my boy arrived.  My dear sister (the same who made the quilt) finished them up for me and brought them to me at the hospital.  What a gal!  You can find the pattern for these darling little creatures HERE.
I made the pillow slip cover (you can view my slip cover tutorial HERE)  The words were applied by turning some font backwards in photoshop, and printing it out on my computer, I then laid the printed font, ink side touching the fabric and got it wet with a little brush.  After the letters were good and wet, I pressed over the letters and the ink came off the paper onto the fabric.  It wasn't as dark as I had wanted it, so I simply went over it with a pen after it had dried.
The ever-so-adorable mama and baby fox were gifted to me from my sister in law (Cat from Catherina's Creative Corner)  I believe she said she got them from Ikea.  :)
The oh-so-precious water color art was another gift to me from the lovely Cat!  I sooo love these!  The quote on the wall was simply another plaque Mr. B cut out for me, and I typed out and embellished the quote in photoshop, printed it onto some heavy neutral card-stock and mod podged on just like the owls.  I sanded the edges of the backing gray paper to give it a little more... something.  ;)
The banner was a no-sew project using left over material from the quilt.  Photos were taken by me, and I did a simple tutorial on how to create your own extra-big foam board prints over on my photography blog a while back... you can view that tutorial HERE.

This quilt was the start of this whole room... designed and made by my very talented sister.  This photo doesn't quite do it justice, and that adorable little chunker of a baby is hiding the fox's nose.  I didn't have any pictures of it in the room when I took these photos, as it was in a county fair contest at the time.  :) But this quilt will certainly be making it into my boys 'new' room, so I'll be sure to get some decent pictures of it in there.  :)  Words can not express how much I love this piece of art!  I admire it often!  Like seriously, I have to sit and stare at it from time to time.  :)
And that is/was my sweet boy's nursery!  Though many of these elements will be making it into his new room, it won't look anything like it does now... and you'll see why after I share my daughter's room with you.  (the space he'll be moving into)  :)