Thursday, June 19, 2014

Girls Room Reveal...

It's finished!!  And just in time too...  Our newest family member decided to make her debut a bit early.  :)  We are just loving her so much.  Big sister has a hard time sharing her with the rest of us.  Ok, who am I kidding, we're all kind of fighting over who gets to hold her over here.  haha!  She is one loved little darling, that's for sure.
Anyway, please excuse the quality of the first 5 photos.  They are pictures from my phone, as I wasn't able to capture wider angles with my camera.  The phone pictures make the walls look more yellow than they are.  The true color is a yummy creamy white, it truly brightened up this tiny space.

My SIL graciously let me use her crib she was no longer using.  It's a beautiful canopy crib!!  Unfortunately though, due to the space being so small, the tall posts seemed to be overwhelming in the room.  Mr. B discovered that the top decorative piece of the posts came unscrewed, so we did a little switcharoo, and the crib is now what you see in the photos above.  (it easily goes back to how it's originally supposed to be)  I had to take a picture of it with the tall posts though first, because it truly is such a pretty crib!!

The dresser is a pretty darn old one that I found in my local classifieds listings.  It just needed a little TLC.  Mr. B and I painted it together.  And then I distressed it a bit with a smokey brown glaze to make the details stand out a bit more.  The light blue makes me so happy!

Hardware was found at Hobby Lobby.

Lamp and piggy bank are Target finds.

Some fancied-up jars to store the girls hair bows and headbands...
 Inspiration for the gold bird jar came from Pinterest.

The baby's quilt was the start for this whole room.  I purchased it from THIS etsy shop.  I am in LOVE with Moda's Ruby line of fabric!!  Unfortunately they don't make it any more, so it took a bit to try to find some fabric to coordinate well with it for big sister's bed.  Moda's Scrumptious line was very similar, I just left out the orange tones from that line.  :)

Left over fabric from big sister's quilt were put into embroidery hoops to go in the wall collage.  I am loving the touch of gold in this room too.  This surprised Mr. B... I'm normally not a gold-loving person, but it just seemed to fit this space so well.  :)

My old entry way book shelf got a new coat of paint from the lovely Lindsay over at Country Girl Home.
The beautiful painting of the Rose and Wren was custom painted by the talented Niki Cox.  It's a "sister" painting!  (My girls' middle names are Rose and Wren)  ;)  I know, I'm kind of weird like that.

More gold and play on my girls' names...

I added some red pom pom trim to these simple white curtains...

And more embroidery hoop art and random unicorn picture to fill some awkward spaces.  I LOVE that unicorn picture, it took me nearly 4 years to finally get it framed!!  So better believe I was hanging it up, even though it doesn't exactly "go" with the colors or theme of the room.  :)

And that's the Girls' Room in a wrap!


  1. Oh Cherie! Such LOVELY Sweetnees this room is:-) It totally has your girl personalities all over it! B =Lovely, and E =sweetness! Love YOU...Love your Girls...:-)

    ps...and your boys too:-)

  2. Cherie it all turned out so darling!! I love it! They are going to have such sweet dreams in that beautiful room you have created. :)

    1. Thank you Lindsay! And thanks again for your help with that shelf. You are fantastic!! :)