Thursday, July 23, 2015

Watercolor Painting Party...

With three birthdays to plan this year, (In May, June AND July, two of which were only a week apart)   I was definitely feeling a bit burnt out by the time the third party rolled around.  But I still did my best to give my daughter a fun and special birthday.  She has turned 8, and in my church, that is the age where children are then old enough to decide for themselves if they would like to be baptized.  (Needless to say, I've also been planning a baptism in the mix of all these birthdays!)  My mind was fried, and so, to Pinterest I went...  I found a few darling birthdays and asked my daughter what kind of party she would like.  She chose a Watercolor Painting Party.  Most of my inspiration was from THIS party.  Ashley, from The Handmade Home really outdid herself with that party!  It was truly GORGEOUS.  I didn't have quite the time or talent to put together such a lovely scene, but I did what I could with the time and budget I had to work with.  :)  Luckily my sister was kind enough to lend her talents to me and made my daughters cake.  It turned out SO beautiful!!  Thank you, Laura!!

I had the girls each decorate their own cupcake.  They each had their own little paint plate filled with different sprinkles...

My daughter was pretty excited to finally have the chalkboard decorated just for HER.  Unfortunately though, my "artistic ability" failed her expectations.  LOL.  She got over it though.  ;)

Simple balloons, some reused tassel banners from her sister's first birthday, and a fun watercolor banner made from coffee filters (made by my daughter) decorated the dining area.  I wish I got a better picture of the watercolor banner, but it wrapped over my windows, and the harsh light coming in made it impossible to photograph.  But you can see glimpses of it in the top left corner of the chalkboard photo, and the top right of the photo below:

Each girl took home their own painted masterpiece and paints, along with a little goodie bag of treats.

I had fun making the invitation and thank you tag for the goodie bags in photoshop.  These actually inspired some fun art prints for her bedroom! (That I will share when I get around to it) ;)
It turned out to be a fun little party!
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