Friday, January 17, 2014

A Little Valentine Decor...

I don't go all out with my Valentine decor, it's usually just my mantle and a couple of random shelves on my entertainment center that get a few V-Day decorations.
I have a terrible case of spring fever this year... well every year, but this year seems to be exceptionally bad... I had only had my Valentine things out for a few days before I started itching to take it all down and get my spring/Easter stuff up!  I know, crazy.  But in my little part of the world, winter seems to last 6 months of the year, you can always count on at least one more snow storm in April before it finally starts to warm up, and then you get about 2 weeks of perfect weather, then the heat wave comes before the next big snow storm, which usually comes early October.  Ugh, why do I live here again?  LOL.  Anyway, I'm staying strong, thus far, and my Valentine things still remain out on display.  :)
 The framed embroidered "subway art," "love" banner, and tulle banner were all made by yours truly, the rest of the little nicknacks were found most likely at Rod Works or Tai Pan from years ago.

 A couple of my entertainment center shelves:
 I love all my old black and white photos of my ancestors!
 And randomly, my pantry door:  :)
I have a few projects to accomplish for my sister's V-Day decor, and she talked me into making some for myself; so this won't be the last Valentine's post from me!  Hope to see you back.  :)


  1. I love the banner!! I forgot that I have that same heart wreath! I wonder where it is? I will have to find it, it is so cute. Love all the little x's and o's. Darling all of it! :)

  2. Adorable! Reminds me I better get mine up! Lol...I've been sick all week and finally feeling up to it:-) all lovely:)

    1. Sorry you have been sick. :( That's never fun! But glad to hear you're feeling better. Happy Decorating!! :)