Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Playroom in Progress...

The playroom is a never-ending-story at my place.  As is most of the rooms in my house, but the playroom is exceptionally so.  I'm constantly trying to find the best solution for organizing this space, as it is also shared with my office.  Yeah, the office/playroom.  If that doesn't spell chaos for you, I don't know what does.  Today I'll be sharing the playroom half... who am I kidding, the whole room minus one tiny corner is kid territory, but I'm still going to claim that tiny corner as mine (and Mr. B's)  ;)  Anywho...

Lets start with the largest feature of the room, shall we?  You might have already guessed, Mr. B built the entertainment center for me.  For some reason whatever idea that pops into my head doesn't ever exist, at least within my budget anyway, so Mr. B always comes to my rescue.  I wanted the TV on the ground.  Growing up with my mom doing Day Care my entire life, I've heard story after story of children getting seriously injured, even killed, from pulling TV's/ furniture on top of them. (these weren't her personal stories, but rather warnings from the news/ classes she was required to take for her license)  She certainly struck that fear into me, and we bolt every piece of furniture we can to the walls, because lets face it, no matter how diligently you watch, children LOVE to climb.
 I'll admit, the bins holding the toys aren't my favorite.  I debated doing the wrap-a-cardbaord-diaper-box-with-fabric/burlap that we've all seen all over Pinterest, but somehow that just didn't seem like it would hold up very well.  My kids are always pulling these things in and out, in and out, trying to sit in them, stand on them... you get the picture.  I needed something more sturdy than decorated cardboard.  These plastic bins were the cheapest I could find that actually fit in the cubbies.  They are from Ikea.  I also recently brought up all of our children's books that were being stored in my oldest's closet.  (You know, to keep them out of harms way from the children who find tearing out pages to be a delightful past-time)  ;)  I had to get them out of her closet eventually though; we'll be needing the extra space as she will be soon sharing a bedroom with one of her siblings!  (We're expecting baby #3 this June)  :)  Now I'm just on extra guard duty, assuring these books are not harmed.  ;)

     Next to the entertainment center is the doll house/dress-up corner.  Yup, STILL need to finish the dress-up trunk...
 The rest is basically a nice open space for the kids to "run free."  I dream of one day having a large child-height round table like my mother's in here, for fun crafts and teaching moments.  But I'll just have to dream for now.  :)
 My gallery wall is one of those never-ending projects.  All of these pictures were made by Yours Truly, minus the Rapunzel tower, which I purchased from THIS Etsy shop.  It is truly a stunning little piece of watercolor art.  I love it!  I am far from being any sort of artist myself, but I still really enjoy creating pictures, and coloring when I have any spare time.  I'd love to eventually fill this long wall end to end with pictures, but seeing how my spare time is next to nothing, it's going to take a while.  It's taken me over 4 years to get this far!  LOL.
 For those of you who follow along my personal family blog... I FINALLY got around to painting the book shelf!!  Yes, you should be so proud!  :)
 Here is what it looked like before:
 This shelf houses the books that are toddler-proof.  ;)

I made the 5x7 Alphabet flashcards in Photoshop using digital picture tiles "alphabet soup for boys" purchased HERE.  I also bought the girl version, and just combined my favorites from both sets to make my cards.  :)  They are strung up simply on some twine using mini clothes pins and clear command hooks .

Next time I'll have to share the other half of the room.  :)  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm in love with those alphabet cards! What a cute playroom! I'm pinning this idea :):)

  2. I know I have said this before, but I really want you to decorate my next house! I love everything you ever do! You could really make some good money doing this :) But that would also take a lot of time that I am sure you have extra of...haha! This playroom is absolutely adorable! You are so talented :)