Thursday, October 10, 2013

Children's Halloween Books, Round Two!

Here are a few more books for Halloween you and your kids are sure to love!

"Monster Museum" by Marilyn Singer, Illustrated by Gris Grimly.  (This is the other book I told you about in my last book post that's illustrated by Gris Grimly.)  Like I said, big fan of his work!  This book doesn't have a real story line, but rather super fun/cute little poems describing each monster.

"Liza Lou and the Yeller Belly Swamp" by Mercer Mayer.  Everyone knows who Mercer Mayer is, right?!?  If you know of the "Little Critter" books, then you know of Mercer Mayer.  He's certainly one of my top favorite author of picture books of all time.  I haven't seen/read a book of his I didn't love!  Now, Liza Lou isn't  strictly a Halloween book.  Infact, it may even be more for an "everyday read."  However, the way Liza deals with a "gobblygook" "witch" "Haunt" and more, I'd say it fits in rather nicely with my Halloween collection.  This book is definitely worth reading, so clever and cute!

"We're Off to Find the Witch's House" by Mr. Krieb, illustrated by R.W. Alley
this book was a gift to my daughter from her grandmother (my mom, the one the magnificent library to behold)  Fun fact: Mr. Krieb was an elementary school teacher for thirty years!  So I think it's safe to say he knows how to capture the hearts of children.  This was his very first children's book, and it does not disappoint.  You start chanting the words in a rhythm without even trying!  :)  (As if you were singing along to "We're going on a Bear Hunt")  Everyone knows of that, right?  If you've never heard of that, I'm so sorry you didn't get to grow up alongside me.  My mom introduced me to many fun things growing up.  :)

So there you have it!  3 more books to add to your Halloween "must read" list!  :)

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