Monday, October 7, 2013

More Halloween to Share...

So you may be partially aware of how much we love Halloween over here, but seeing how I'm not done sharing more 'lovelies' of Halloween, perhaps now, you'll realize the full extent of just how much we {I} love it!  I generally put all of my Halloween decor up sometime in September, but then as it goes into October, I usually end up finding, and/or making new things to add to my ever growing collection.  :)  Ok, so I have the same problem with Easter and Christmas... (Just a heads up)  And I get so excited about such little things, that I just can't hold off to share the "new" stuff with you till next year.  I. Must. Share. Now!  :)

Today I went to Black Island Farms with my family.  Fun hay ride, fun hay slides, fun train, corn pit,  bouncy house, corn mazes... (you get the point)  ...AND LOVELY pumpkins!!  Of all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors... I was especially drawn to the tiny white pumpkins...
 (The large one is plastic, I was surprised when I got home to see how spot-on the color was to the natural ones!)  Aren't the darling?!  They fit in the palm of my hand.  And that white is just sooo perfect.  I glitterfied just a couple...
 Gold glitter on white pumpkins.  Yup, I'm in love.  :)

I was stoked to find a black pumpkin too!!  Ok, ok, so I think the actual color is a very deep green, but, I say it's close enough to black to just go ahead and say it is.  :)  The stem on the yellow pumpkin made me snatch it up real quick...
 I think they look lovely paired together.  The black pumpkin would look amazing with some silver glitter too.  I just didn't have any on hand.  Crazy, I know, coming from me the 
Glitter Queen.  I guess I use it more often than I realize, and used mine all up.  :(

And they of course had the classic orange Pumpkins.  And we couldn't resist a green speckled one either...
 Wow, who knew I could go on so much about pumpkins?!  But they're pretty, no?  Ok, enough of the pumpkins, I still have more I want to share!!

My latest embroidery project!  Have I mentioned I'm related to some crazy talented people?  I'm pretty sure I have at least once in every post... My sister drew the pattern up for me.  She's pretty awesome like that. :)  I had the easy job of turning it into some needle and thread art.

 EEE!  I just love it!  Here's a better close up...
 And when I "pan back out," you'll see the next item I want to share with you!  (We're more than half way there, please, stay with me!)  Do you remember that local seasonal boutique where I got my witches hat?  Well I went again this year, and returned with adorable potion/poison bottles...  This green one on the left is a bottle of "Baby Dragon Scales"  The two tiny vintage medicine bottles are a variety of "poisons"  I should have taken a close up of those... dang!

And here is the bottle of witches brew... don't you love the feathers, and that chevron burlap ribbon?!  I could NOT pass these babies up.  :)  I did however, add the bit of twine around the neck of the bottle, the one my sister bought had that detail, and I thought this one needed it too.  :)  My sister was originally planning on making some of these bottles on her own, but after finding such an awesome variety at the boutique, she graciously gave me a bottle she had saved.  (that would be the "Witch Hazel")  Mine isn't nearly as fancy as the ones I purchased, but I figured I had enough going on this little shelf, that less would be more.  I just slapped on a free label, messily added some twine, and called it good.  :)

Ok, that's all... for now.  Yes, I seriously have more Halloween fun to share; including more of my favorite Halloween children's books.  So be sure to check back in, friends!  :)


  1. I love it all. It's gorgeous. Not a fan of Halloween itself but I LOVE all of the decorations. Thanks for sharing! Yes I pretty much blog stock this one. It gets me excited about decorating my house.

  2. You really need to teach me how to embroider. I want some cute pictures like yours and some Christmas ones too. Cute bottles too.

  3. I love your blog. It seriously makes me so happy!