Friday, September 6, 2013

Tinkerbell Party...

This was my first party that I hosted for my baby girl, that I actually went "all out" on...  I can't remember if I knew of Pinterest then or not, this was back in 2010.  The cake was my own creation, and I'm NOT a cake artist, so don't look too close.  That was the first and last time I'll ever make a 3 tier cake that's all real edible cake.  We ended up throwing half of it away!  The next year I learned, and used a cake dummy for the larger layers.
Decorations were very simple: my mother collects tinkerbell figurines, and she let me borrow some to place around the table, and a plastic one for the cake topper.

 The treats were simple tiny "fairy food"... mini cupcakes with "star dust" and mini pearls.
 Mini brownie bites with cream cheese topping, shaved chocolate, and raspberries.
 And "acorns" made from Hershey kisses, mini vanilla wafers and butterscotch chips.
 Each girl got to take home their own paper crown, fairy wand, fairy wings (pictured in above photos on the back of the chairs) and a personalized bottle of fairy dust (not pictured)