Monday, September 9, 2013

Butterfly Party...

I know I haven't been very elaborate in explaining all of these parties I've hosted, I'm really just trying to play catch-up; so if there is anything that I missed, or you have questions about anything, please ask! :)

 Decorations for this Butterfly party were fast and simple.  My (then 5 year old) daughter helped me make all of the garlands.  We just used a butterfly punch on some old book pages and colored scrap paper and I ran them through my sewing machine.  I hung them in my windows using command hooks (on the sides, not the glass) and a string going across.
 My sister found these awesome huge gummy butterflies at Winco.  They weren't just pretty, they were also very yummy.
 Strawberry cupcakes with just a little cream cheese frosting.  I attempted to pipe the icing to make them look like little flowers.  I don't know what they look like to be honest, but I still thought they were pretty.  Haha!  The butterflies on these cupcakes were cut out of homemade marshmallow fondant using butterfly shaped fondant cutters.  (found on amazon)
 Pink raspberry lemonade was also served.
 The goodie bags for the guests were also quick and simple: again using the butterfly paper punch, and stapled on a folded paper doily and a "Thank You" tag onto a brown paper lunch sack.  Inside the bags were simple goodies like a "flying butterfly" (sort of like a paper airplane, but shaped like a butterfly) candy, a small notepad and tiny colored pen.  All found at Zurchers.

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