Friday, September 26, 2014

Halloween Decorating with my Silhouette...

So last year I knew I was going to be getting a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas, and after seeing those fun paper bat displays on pinterest, I was litterally begging Mr. B to give my gift to me early!  Didn't happen though.  But, I have my silhouette for THIS Halloween, and I've litterally been going "bat crazy!"  And I've been cutting out more than just bats... here is what my Silhouette and I have been up to the past couple of weeks...
 These pictures don't do these bats justice.  They were so hard to photograph!  My entry way is very narrow, but VERY tall.  I litterally had to step out my front door to take these.  (and don't mind the mix of summer decor on the mantle, the bats were the first of my Halloween to go up, and I was too excited to wait to photograph them)  ;)

 Yes, more bats.  Had to add some gold glitter to this little display...

 A black cat adorned in black glitter...  you really can't have too much glitter.  ;)

 And even though I went crazy happy with the bats, I think these trick or treaters may just be my absolute favorite!  The tiny details the silhouette can cut just amazes me.  I should've taken a better close up, but you can see how awesome their treat bags are.
I still plan on cutting just a few more silhouettes, but I have yet to find the right frames for them.  I'll be sure to update you when they're finished.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I have a daughter that also said there could never be too much glitter. Now her spirit sparkles!!!! Your decorations are so fun. Glitter Away!!!!!!!

  2. You never cease to amaze me. How very lucky I am to be your sister.

  3. I love what you have done and I agree you can never have to much glitter. I need a bat I will be there this Tuesday.

  4. You are totally ready for Halloween. I love how the decorations don't scream HALLOWEEN but say it a little nicer. :)