Friday, January 23, 2015

Valentine Decor 2015

     My Valentine decor has definitely changed since last year (view last year's HERE.)

     This year my sister showed me some adorable Valentine decor items from a local boutique, and I instantly fell in love!  Only problem was, I didn't have $120 to spend.  And so, roughly $8 worth of wood, a $7 frame, a little paint, nails and twine we had on hand, and some scrap paper lying around, my sister, Mr. B, and I whipped up this little vignette in just a day.  (we made three whole sets, and had a newborn to tend to, so I felt pretty accomplished.)  Mr. B of course did all the cutting of the wood, and screwed things together for us.  My sis and I did the rest.
 The "sweet" plate is a simple white plate I already had and added the "sweet" by cutting out some gold vinyl using my silhouette.

A closer view of the "Be Mine"  I also used my silhouette to make the stencil for this.
 And just a little touch of valentines in the kitchen:
I still have my other items from last year throughout the house, but as you can see from my lack of posting anything the past 3 months, I was too lazy to photograph them.  LOL.
I'm not very good at keeping up on this blog, but that's ok.  That just means I'm busy with other things... things that have a bit more importance over this blog.  ;)

I have quite a few events I'm planning this upcoming year though, and I'm making it a goal to share all of those and look forward to doing so.  So thanks for checking in every once in a while!  :)

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