Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Halloween Decor...

I love decorating for Halloween!  But when it comes to Halloween decor, I'm definitely more of a "cutesy" decorator vs. a "spooky" decorator.  I love anything with an old, or vintage feel, and even little creepy crawly things.  (Fake ones, for decoration only.  Not the real deal of creepy crawly's)  I mostly don't like anything with blood and guts, things like that.   ;)

This was my Halloween mantle from last year:
 And this is it today:
 There aren't many big changes, just few.  But I like to mix it up a tad from year to year. 
 I got the adorable "Halloween" banner from an etsy shop.
 I can't remember where I got all of the other little nicknacks.  Things I've been collecting over the past 5 years or so...
 I do remember, however, that I got this darling "Raven Tonic" apothecary jar from Rod Works, a cute home decor store here in Utah.
 The wreath, I made last year, with my sister.  Inspiration was found on Pinterest, you can view it HERE.
And here's a better detailed picture of my own:
 I used a straw wreath form, and wrapped it up with burlap ribbon.  And embellished it with fabric and burlap rosettes.  And of course the raven and little beaded spider.  The little spider is a find from my sister, I don't know where she found it.  The raven was purchased from Amazon.  The tiny "spooky" banner was cut out of painters cloth and the letters were simply drawn on with a pen.
 I seriously love these Martha Stewart window clings!  (found on Amazon) I used one on a ceramic plate last year for my mantle as well.  (Pictured in top photo)
 I kept the shelves on my entertainment center pretty simple, again with just a few nicknacks I've been collecting over the years:

 This was the plate I used last year with one of the spider window clings:
 I thought this tiny autumn wreath looked adorable hanging in front of it this time around.

My corner shelf is holding a few of my absolute favorite things:
 My "grateful" sign that took me a few years to complete, due to procrastination.  ;)  The idea came from my ever-so-gifted SIL over at Catherina's Creative Corner.  I am completely SMITTEN by hers.  But so glad to have mine finally finished.  I love to keep mine up year-round.  :)
 I got this cool witches hat from a seasonal boutique here in Utah.
And the framed embroidery work was made by yours truly.  :)  I found the pattern from an etsy shop.  I started obsessing with embroidery just a couple of years ago.  I hope to finally finish some Christmas pillows I've embroidered this year.  But it's quite possible that they may get put off for one more year, as I am currently working on a large project:  revamping my Master Bedroom!  I'm INCREDIBLY excited for it's reveal!  It's undergoing quite the make-over, clear to painted ceilings.  :)  I can't WAIT until it's finished!!  (both because I've never had my own bedroom decorated how I've wanted it, my whole married life, AND because I'm sick of camping out in the play room.)  haha!

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  1. That is a great Halloween Mantle, I love both of them.

  2. Stunning and whimsical! I love it all. New follower!

    1. Thank you Leslie! So glad you stopped by! :)

  3. I am SO making a "grateful" sign. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Do make one, Sarah! I love mine! It's been a great reminder to be grateful everyday of even the littlest things. :)